Stainburn Forest walk – The need for more trees!

I have been neglecting my blog a little these past few months. A combination really of, well you know what, and my uni course has been keeping me in front of the computer. It hasn’t felt right to be promoting the great outdoors when not everyone can go out and enjoy it. I have been craving the need for walking and getting outside. I’ve said before, walking really helps me destress and boy have I needed that. So enough was enough and a few weeks ago I decided we had to go find some more trees, the work could wait. We did this walk in Stainburn forest before the restrictions were changed yet again! It isn’t that far from where we live but is on the edge of North Yorkshire. Now in a different tier so I can’t go back and explore again just yet.

Selfie Hip2trek family Giant Christmas tree in the forest Looking down a forest path Kids being silly in the trees

We got there early one weekend morning. But not early enough, the car park was heaving! Luckily, we found somewhere to park and we set off into the forest. Well, to start with a tarmacked road but we soon discovered a bit more of what we were looking for. There had been some rain in the days before though and a combination of feet and mountain bikes tyres had churned up some of the paths (away from the tarmac!) into a waterlogged muddy mess. We weren’t going to be put off though and continued onwards further into the trees. Despite all the cars and dog walkers, we spent pretty much the next few hours there without seeing anyone. There were a few bikers in the distance or the odd sound of another walker through the trees, but there was enough space and solitude for everyone.

Muddy forest path and tree leans across Close up of a mossy branch A Line of big Christmas trees

We explored with the plan to do a big loop that would eventually take us back to the car. The idea had been to spend as much time with the giant Christmas and fir trees, whilst getting lungsful of fresh air. What we hadn’t anticipated was that Little Leg’s boots would become so wet and full of mud! The boots, socks and leggings were absolutely covered. The few people we met coming the other way advised that the way they had come into the forest was virtually impassable without wellies! We had been walking for a few hours by now and Little legs was starting to get miserable with her wet feet. There was only one thing for it, I wanted trees and trees was what I got! We had to go off roading and find a way past the worst of the mud bath by darting amongst the trees. Great fun really, climbing over trees and falling down big dips and channels in the trees. Keeping an eye on the general direction of the path we should be on.

Hip2trek looking back towards camera in the forest
Happy Place! (and weird light)

Eventually we came to a clearing in the trees, but the path we needed had disappeared to a huge lake. Instead, we walked across the field to some rocks that didn’t look too dissimilar to Almscliffe crag, but we should be miles away from them. In fact, these rocks are known as Little Almscliffe and were hidden by the trees in the car park. Rocks investigated, we headed back to the car. A little more bedraggled looking than when we set off, but we’d had a lot of fun in the trees.

Little Almcliffe in the distance Boy stood on top of crag

Stainburn Moor car park can be found on Norwood Lane, postcode HG3 1TQ. You might like to get there early as it seemed very popular. There are no facilities on this walk, but Otley and Harrogate aren’t far away. As with everywhere now, please check the restrictions and tier information before you set off.

I’ve ordered Little Legs some new boots!

Close up of Muddy Little legs

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