Castle Hill Huddersfield circular

A circular walk in Huddersfield chosen by Mr Hip2trek!

Approx 6.5 km, starting from the Castle Hill car park, all the details at the bottom of the post.

A walk for three as the eldest decided that a) walking with us wasn’t cool and b) he had a sudden urge to do some revision for his GCSE exams. We started the walk at Castle Hill, a former Iron Age fort and Victoria Tower that dates from 1899. The hill is a designated nature reserve and if you don’t fancy a walk, the tower is open on selected dates. Information boards with a small path around the hill the tower sits on, can be found if you’ve little legs or reduced mobility.

Victoria Tower with a cloudy sky behind making the tower almost silhouetted against the sky. Emley Mst sitting on the horizon, footpath and gorse bushes in the foreground.

Our circular walk started from the car park and we looped round taking in Almondbury common, Farnley hey, Lunds Dyke and finished back where we started. There had been some rain in the previous days and although windy it looked like a nice sunny day. Our youngest had dressed in grey joggers, a choice I thought at the time might be a bad idea but then, hey, what do I know!

Family navigate a very muddy footpath. A girl can be seen walking on the edge of a muddy path, a man wearing a red coat looks on. Muddy boot photo showing a blue boot covered in mud Hip2trek smiles at the camera looking windswept

Off we set and initially all was good and the path gently sloped downwards. It was probably the second field that the going got decidedly boggy! We had so far inched our way across muddy footpaths and managed to skirt the worst bits. However, now I was ankle deep in mud having committed to walking across this field, with my spectators fondly looking on! Trying to save myself on a barbed wire fence had not been a good idea. Needless to say the grey joggers did not remain pristine as my family joined me. We carried on having committed to completing our walk. We didn’t see anyone else, but cries and whoops could be heard behind us as other walkers obviously found the muddy slopes.

I loved the variety on this walk. Fields, some road walking and pretty woodland. A prominent icon on the landscape was visible throughout our walk. Emley Mast, a special symbol to me of a previous career I so dearly loved. Things have obviously drastically changed in the world of tv over the years and of course so has my career. I always smile though when I see that bad boy on the horizon.

Looking towards a misty tower that can be seen through the rain in the distance. Bushes and a footpath in the foreground. A vey wet Hip2trek , wearing a purple coat with the hood up, looking over her rain dripping glasses. Family can be seen behind her in the background. Woodland with a muddy path through the middle, two people can be seen walking backs to the camera.

The sunny day soon turned into a heavy rain shower and we got soaked. Fields on the way back may as well have been paddy fields! By this point no one cared about the grey joggers and walking boots were no longer recognisable, as they were just mud boots. But we had been outside and for that my legs and head were grateful.

See video for more and then details below

Mini walk video clip here!

A silhouetted Hip2trek back to camera looking towards open Fields


Map used OS explorer 288. Route found on Yorkshire Englishman 

Free parking at Victoria Tower car park HD4 6TA

There are no facilities on this walk.

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