Impromptu ice skating in Yorkshire and great hip news!

My plans for great walking adventures were thwarted last week with snow and ice falling on Yorkshire after the battering we received from the gales. We weren’t as badly hit as other places in the UK but the pathetic amount we did get caused chaos near us with the ice. We live at the bottom of a big hill which had turned into an ice skating rink, cars stuck everywhere and someone did a pirouette in a van! I took the car home and decided there was nothing for it but we would walk to school. This usually is an easy 2 miles and we’ve done this walk loads of times. In snow and ice and with a time pressure it was completely different. We skated along in places but I got the kids to school in one piece, just a little late. My daughter loves anything from the Frozen movie and likes the idea of ice skating but didn’t enjoy this walk and the ice novelty soon wore off. Great cardio workout for myself!
I’ve been enjoying the new fitness programme I’ve been doing so although I haven’t got outside as much as I’d like I’ve still be able to do lots of exercise. Not loving protein shakes it has to be said but I did find adding some coco powder made it more bearable.
The best news this week was that I’ve been discharged from my Physio! It brings an end to a long 6-year journey of hip hell, two hip arthroscopies and lots of physio. I’ll still carry on with my exercises but after lots of hard work I’m so much better and looking forward to my walking challenges this year. I can’t thank my physio’s enough for getting me back on my feet even if they did make me do hideous inchworm exercises. It wasn’t on the nutrition plan but I treated myself to bubbly and pie and custard!
Hoping to get out this weekend, enjoy some fresh air and share our adventures with you next time!
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  1. Wow, looks like you had a bit more snow than we did last week. We only had about a millimeter and everything STILL came to a standstill. Congrats on being discharged from physio. xxx

  2. My two were so annoyed not to get any snow. I think they were used to it up north but down south they’ll be lucky to see any. #weekendblogshare

  3. Oh nooooo. A hurt hip! I can identify with THAT. Sounds like you are getting better. Enjoy your hiking! I found you on #weekendblogshare

    1. I’m so much better thank you, it’s hard to describe the pain to people that have never had it. Hope you’re not suffering. Thanks for reading.

  4. Gosh, we’re in North Yorkshire and barely had a dusting of snow! Ice skating sounds nail biting. I used to have to drive up pool bank every day and when it was icy, we’d all take it in turns to try and get up and cars that didn’t make it would be sliding back down! Thanks for joining the #weekendblogshare

    1. I think we had more problems because it was such a pathetic dusting! I know Pool Bank well, yikes I don’t think I have the guts to drive up there when it’s icy!

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