Climbing my personal mountain

Walking and walking long distances and me don’t really go together. At least up until recently, I think my friends would be shocked had I suggested a great hike somewhere!
However, I’m on a new mission to get fit and my dream is to be able to do a charity trek across the Great Wall of China. No big deal to a lot of people, but nearly six months ago I had my second hip arthroscopy. Up until then walking up the street or any great distance had become a problem, a painful one. I had been walking around with ‘Acetabular labral tears’ and ‘Femoroacetabular impingement’, or abnormal shaped hip bones and tears in my hip cartilage.

​Now I’m fixed and feeling so much better, I can get back out there in the beautiful countryside that is on my doorstep and train towards something worthwhile. The Yorkshire Dales are my playground so I’m hoping to combine some training with introducing my little people to our countryside surroundings.
I haven’t walked in the Yorkshire Dales for about six years, and my children were either too little to remember of haven’t had the experience yet of us dragging them up there. With my goal of charity trek insight we took the opportunity this weekend to a ‘gentle’ walk to ease us all in.6.5km later, a rather steep incline, a meeting of some farmers and their flock of sheep running towards us, we did make it home in one piece. Albeit covered in mud! Aching just ever so slightly but lungs filled with lovely fresh air I did feel slightly euphoric and so very proud of my little legged four year old. Maybe I really can do this! One thing’s for sure though, I shall be investing in some proper walking shoes for the kids.
Our walk was from Grassington to Hebden, approx. 6.5 km and it took us 2.5 hrs with a little lunch stop.

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