Hurdles and Horse Jumps


The last few weekends we’ve missed out on our weekly hike in the countryside, with either the weather hindering us or a car boot sale and a certain little lady’s birthday party!
My IT band problem that I’ve mentioned in previous blog posts has been getting worse and although I’ve been working hard with my physio on exercises to try and improve it, the pain by the side of my knee has been troubling me. I’ve stopped all one legged dips and lunges in case it’s these that have triggered something, but the icepack has started making regular appearances. I’m gutted that if it doesn’t improve in a few weeks my Physiotherapist is going to refer me back to the Consultant. I’m frustrated as I was getting so much better, planning my charity trek and trying to up my fitness.


Icepack and heat pack cat!
​However, I’m not a quitter and although the China trek seems even further away and a bigger hurdle I still intend to do something and trek somewhere, I may just have to start smaller. The physio exercises continue and we’ll still be out walking.
The kids haven’t escaped from getting outdoors and enjoying themselves in the fresh air despite the lack of walks. This weekend was my Daughter’s birthday, she is a big ‘My Little Pony’ fan and has always wanted riding lessons. We’ve done the play gym parties in previous years and so for something a little different we decided to have a party at a local riding school. Ten children running around either on horses or running alongside them made for a lot fun, also great exercise. My 8 year old had been adamant that he didn’t want to join in, but a missing party guest meant he needed to make up the numbers. A few hours later the biggest grin I have ever seen on his face was still there and he ALSO now wants riding lessons!
​Let me know if you have any walk suggestions or picnic ideas.

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