Snow stops play, new boots arrive and I get Discharged!


​We had big plans last weekend to take another walk in our local area but then a flurry of the white stuff arrived during the week and soon stopped play. With weather warnings by the Met office of snow and ice for the weekend we decided it was a better day to keep inside with the kids. I didn’t want to ruin our earlier enthusiasm with a wet, cold and icy experience.
​Minutes into our last walk in the Yorkshire Dales I wished I had invested in some walking boots for the kids. My youngest attracts mud even on the school run and in the Dales she was absolutely covered, there’s always that tempting puddle to squish your feet in! The boots I ordered arrived and both kids were actually really excited.  My youngest was sat cuddling them and then proceeded to try and put her favourite Teddy’s feet in them. I can see me having to get ‘Bow the bear’ a pair too. “Look Mummy, I can even skip in them” she shouted.


​The biggest news of the week was that I had an appointment booked with my Consultant for a check up on my most recently operated on hip. I was dreading going in case he squashed my trekking plan. Apart from developing a pain to the side of my knee, everything’s looking good and he is so pleased with my progress that I’ve been discharged. Woohoo! My hips have taken over my life for the past five years or so, so for both side to be sufficiently mended is a major thing for me. The pain near my knee has been happening on and off after my physio exercises and I’ve been working hard with my physio to fix this. I mentioned it to the Consultant and he injected the side of my knee with a steroid and hopefully this should settle down. Perhaps overworking on some of the one legged dips and exercises have caused a problem, fingers crossed the injection works. I also told him of my China plan and he was very enthusiastic and told me to go for it.
On the way home from the hospital I treated myself to Prosecco, spring rolls and some cream cakes. The hard physio exercises are paying off and China doesn’t seem so far away!Have you any walk suggestions that are suitable with kids? If so comment below, thanks.
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  1. Ohh.. very exciting plans! What a great idea to have something like that to aim for to (hopefully) make the PT session a bit less painful. My favourite place to walk with the kids is Hardcastle Craggs but it might be because the tea room serves up such nice cake!

  2. I love that you treated yourself to a drink, defo sounds like you deserved it! Thankfully I didn’t get any snow where I am (Liverpool) as I can’t bear it! x

  3. Pleased to hear you have been discharged and I don’t blame you at all for wanting that Prosecco! We had a smattering of snow but it opened up our play plans – not too much is great but bucket loads is a killer! H x

  4. How fab that you have been discharged, that is great news! You have got some exciting plans lined up!x

  5. Happy to hear you’ve been discharged, hopefully you continue to make a full recovery 🙂 xx

  6. Aah being in pain is no fun is it? I suffer with sacroiliac joint disfunction and spent a long time in and out of consultants offices and hospitals. I hope you make a full and speedy recovery and start hiking round the Dales very soon! 🙂

  7. I love getting out with the kids walking, and how cute are kids walking boots! I am making a point of finding all the lovely walks around our area and exploring them.

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