Heat wave, Scout Camp and a big decision!

Have you been enjoying the heat wave? Whilst I prefer nice weather, and not howling wind and snow, I have to admit that I’m not great in the heat. Prickly heat and awful hay fever attempt to spoil my fun! With it being so hot we haven’t been out on any huge family walks; the moors have also been closed due to the risk of fire. Unfortunately, there’s been a few started not far from us.

That doesn’t mean we haven’t been getting outside though, we’ve enjoyed the garden and the kids have just started Brownies and Scouts. My Brownie got her Agility badge last week and enjoyed grass sledging and some other activities. Whilst my Scout has just returned from his first Scout camp. He came back filthy and with no voice, so I think he had a great time. He’ll be writing about his experience soon so look out for a Scouting blog post. We’ve also been enjoying our first successful strawberry harvest. I usually forget about them and the pathetic amount that do appear are usually eaten by slugs. This year we’ve had loads of huge juicy sweet ones. My daughter has taken to be on ‘Strawberry watering’ duty. I think she’s actually putting first dibs on the big ones she finds!

I’ve also made a big decision to go back to college to do another degree. Why have one when you can have two?! I’m hoping eventually to do a course in Physiotherapy. After all I’ve been through in the last six or seven years with my hips, I’ve developed a real interest in how the body works, fitness, physio and rehabilitation. I’ve a long way to go, my original science grades need their socks pulling up and then they’ll be another access course. I might be the oldest physio student they’ve ever had by the time I get there! But if my hip journey and China trek taught me anything, I have buckets of determination so there’s no stopping me.

Do you grow any fruit in your garden? Have you gone back to college to re-do any exams or gain another degree? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. Wow, a huge decision! Good for you, hope it goes well. We just had our first Cub camp, mid-heatwave, and it was frankly epic!! Water fights, ice cream parlour, Sorting Hat and all! Great that your wildlets are doing Brownies and Scouts too, so good for them #adventurecalling

  2. It’s brilliant going in the garden to harvest your own strawberries isn’t it. I was amazed that our feeble looking strawberry plant produced any to be honest, but they were delicious.

    And well done on your decision to do a degree. I think it’s brilliant! Good luck to you.


  3. How exciting! Good luck with your course. My sister and her husband are physios and it really is a fascinating area. I loved Brownies, hope your daughter gets as much out of it as I did. Thanks so much for linking up again #adventurecalling

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