Conquering a mountain and tote giveaway!

I write a lot about how getting outside into the fresh air, is good for you both physically but mentally too. I certainly sleep better if I’ve spent the day outside. My blog started with writing about conquering my own personal mountain, and my rehab from hip surgery, but I’ve climbed some real ones too, both on my China trek and a three Peaks challenge. It got me thinking about all the other mountains, both real or figuratively that other people are climbing everyday. Everyone has something going on, something they feel they need to conquer, or perhaps it’s just the uphill slog of work life, or working towards a dream or aspiration.

So, in celebration of all the mountains we are climbing, I am running a small giveaway. As well as being passionate about getting outside I’m also doing my best, where possible, to rid our house of singe-use plastic. Hence a reusable tote bag and a tiny bit of self promotion!

To enter just follow the rafflecopter link and instructions, the winner will receive a Hip2trek tote bag of their choice, there’s two to choose from. To help others and for a bit of fun please leave a blog comment with a tip on how you climb your mountain everyday. There is no cash alternative and the winner will be announced on the 27/3/2019

Good Luck!



a Rafflecopter giveaway


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    1. Do you find ‘eating the frog’ works though? and does it make you feel like you’ve achieved something so you can move on?

  1. Find a good buddy trying to reach the same goal or climb the same mountain and keep each other motivated!!!

    1. Couldn’t agree more, good company on a tough walk can really keep you going. You’ll probably come back with with some stories to tell too!

  2. Decide where you are going, take a map, plan your route and walk – even taking small steps you’ll get there;-)

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