Are we nearly there yet? Tong Fulneck Walk


Despite living near a big town we are lucky to have some beautiful countryside practically behind our garden fence, so this week we decided to stay near home for our walk. It was only a little walk we promised the kids!
We live near Tong and so based our walk on going over to Fulneck, and back around taking in Tong Village. You can see our route here on Viewranger. I have edited the route slightly as we did take a wrong turn!The walk starts down a country lane and you do need to keep your wits about you walking down here. It is unfortunately used as a bit of a rat run cut through. There are however lovely views of the surrounding countryside and it wasn’t long before the kids were talking to some Calf’s and then some horses a bit further along. We met the local riding school out on their hack as we made our way to the footpath, walking through the farm.
​The footpath begins to narrow as you make your way downhill and becomes quite rocky and uneven. Great for mountain biking I should imagine and we met a few coming the other way. The footpath splits and we decided for a change to go left into Black Carr Woods. We’ve never been this way but nearly didn’t make it along here as it was so muddy. We decided to have a competition and see who was the cleanest on the way back. As usual my Daughter had decided on an eclectic mix of patterned legging and a cat dress as her walking attire! We also brought with us the kids new waterproofs ‘just in case’!
One of the biggest hill climbs on our walk is up Scholebrook Lane and the kids were a bit whingey coming up there, there is a treat at the top though!
With my hips problems I haven’t been able to come up this way for years (or even considered it!) and despite being a bit out of breath at the top I made it without too many aches. Woohoo! With my new exercises I’m feeling a little more positive about getting over the IT band problem I seem to have developed. My Physio is leaving bigger gaps between appointments with a view to me being better enough to be discharged, and a referral to a podiatrist is also hopefully going to improve things. The great thing about making it to the top of this hill is the treat soon in sight, yes you guessed it a PUB! We hadn’t actually planned to stop but little lady needed a loo break and that was excuse enough to have a quick half at The Bankhouse Inn. The views up here of the surrounding countryside are really picturesque.
​From the pub we made our way through the Moravian village of Fulneck, we later found that we went a little wrong here so I’ve edited the route on the map! At least knowing the area we knew we could never get properly lost. Through lots of fields of buttercups and along Pudsey Beck we picked up the right path and made our way across Tong Lane into Strid Wood. Lots of lovely dark woodland or was the weather closing in?!
Our legs were beginning to ache a bit and our short walk was turning into a big walk! The kids, bless them, did really well and we were glad when the footpath brought us out into Tong Village. Not far from home now. If we do this walk again I’m stopping at The Greyhound Inn for lunch. They have a good selection of beers and great menu.
Turning down Keeper Lane and picking up the footpath we were on the home stretch. I wouldn’t suggest any of this walk for pushchairs as there are many narrow and ‘close to stream’ moments, however we did meet a family coming the other way ‘off roading’ with their pushchair!
Making our way across the field that would take us back on the footpath we started on and the heavens opened with a torrential downpour. The kids wearing their new waterproofs had hoods but me and Hubby had decided to wear little coats. We got a thorough soaking and laughed and screaming making our way across the fields to the next tree for shelter. I’m sure half of Pudsey will have heard us.
We arrived home later than we had planned, soaked and hungry with aching legs but happy to have had a great walk not far from home. I’m so proud of my little people and despite the odd ‘Are we nearly there yet’ they didn’t whinge, much. We walked just over 12k!
All views are my own and I haven’t received any financial incentive to write my blog.
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For a shorter route starting from Tong Village itself please check out this Viewranger route.
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  1. 12 k’s is awesome well done kiddos, looks like a great walk I love seeing cows #whatevertheweatherkids

    1. I couldn’t believe that once dried off at home they then asked to go play in the garden on their scooters!

  2. Wow you are lucky to have this near you! Looks like a tiring walk but so worth it! As you really feel better after a long walk. #whatevertheweather

  3. Wow! What strong legs your kids have, 12k is great! Great to have a little pub break in between too, kids are a great excuse for that! A shame you got soaked in the rain, but it sounds like you had fun despite that too and a lovely day out. Thanks so much for linking up to #Whatevertheweather x

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