Wynsors ‘Back to School’ Shoe Fitting Service


Hip2trek were invited by Wynsors World of Shoes to try their ‘Back to School’ shoe fitting service. Halfway through the school holidays I start to cross my fingers that both kids don’t suddenly have a growth spurt at the same time. It was with an exasperated sigh I realised that this summer both kids’ feet had grown. For school shoes I always get my kids feet measured properly, it’s a long time for those little feet to be in the shoes and during the school day I know they get up to all sorts! But can school shoes be affordable and fitted properly? Well yes it seems them can.
​Wynsors have a ‘Back to School’ free shoe fitting service and are launching an initiative to encourage families to ensure that their children’s school shoes are fitted correctly. They are the only affordable footwear brand to offer this service in their stores. Affordable shoes that are fitted properly sounded great to me and I was eager to see what their range had to offer.
Once in the store both the Children’s feet were measured by friendly store assistants, both kids having been told to be on their best behaviour were a little quiet at first but the ladies soon brought them out of their shells. Once their size had been established the kids were taken to look at the shoes. I was pleasantly surprised at the range of shoes available and my son was able to find more than three pairs that he liked the look of. He was even happy to try on a pair of lace ups, something I’ve never been able to get him to try. We were told my Daughter has quite a high instep so some of the shoes she liked the look of once on just didn’t fit correctly. Had we not had her feet measured and checked properly I’m not sure that this is something I would have spotted myself. However, there was still plenty of choice for her and she was thrilled to find a patent black pair with flashing lights! Both children’s shoes were checked that the width felt correct and that there was some room for growth and no rubbing on the ankle bones. Two happy kids and a happy Mum that hadn’t had to sit on the floor cramming the next pair on them to see if those were the right size!

I couldn’t fault our shopping experience, the store assistants were friendly and the shoe fitting service felt professional and staff were knowledgeable. The shoes my children chose are both smart and good quality. With a wide choice of lunchboxes and backpacks you can get kitted out with what you need to get your child ready to go back to school.

We were invited to an exclusive shopping experience by Wynsors and my children both received school shoes and goody bags in exchange for an honest review. All views are my own.

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