Walking midweek and 3 peak training before the summer holidays

Eek my kids break up from school tomorrow and as I write this I have yet to come up with a six-week activity programme! With them being off school my midweek walking is going to have to go on hold.

If you’re a regular reader you’ll know I’m doing the Yorkshire Three Peaks challenge, and I recently wrote about going on training walks in between school runs. Knowing we would only have a few weeks left training me and my friend E have taken the opportunity to get out in our local area. We’ve been increasing our distance and getting some hills in there too.

I had a bit of lazy weekend this weekend as it was hubby’s birthday and we were invited to the Foodies festival at Tatton Park by Yorkshire Tots. You can read about our day over the Yorkshire Tots website. It didn’t include much exercise and lots of eating!

I certainly needed to walk off some of the yummy food we’d tried and this week we chose to do some hill training. The week before we stayed in our local area and walked over 23km discovering new footpaths, getting soaked in the ‘scattered showers’ that were actually heavy rain, and seeing the local golden eagle! Oh…ok it might have been something else but I think delirium had set in at that point.
For our hill training this week we chose to go over to Halifax, and from the urban area of the town we walked up some big hills to beacon hill. We seem to get a variety of different weather on our walks during the week and this time it was hot and muggy and the pollen count was high – well, my head had decided it was! We did several loops of the same walk, big hills and burning thigh muscles trying to convince myself it was doing me good. We managed 11km before it was time to get back for the school pickup. I felt better for getting out and I hope our walks will have helped us when we conquer the three peaks in a few weeks. I’ve really enjoyed going out for grown-up walks whilst the kids have been at school so hope to continue this next school year. Maybe you’d like to join us?!

Now, what to do with these children for the next six weeks or so?!

Have you a challenge coming up? How do you keep up your training during the holidays? Let me know in the comments below.

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