Walk for Wellbeing at RHS Harlow Carr with Fenetic Wellbeing & my tips for getting your family active


Our adventure this weekend was to RHS Harlow Carr and we were invited by Fenetic Wellbeing for a Walk for Wellbeing event. I’m all for getting outside and part of my own mission is to get my family outside and us all fitter. More and more the advice for better health and mental wellbeing is to get outside and I’ve found myself that my mood is brighter and I sleep better having been out and active.
After a treat at Betty’s of tea and scones we were taken on a guided walk of the beautiful RHS gardens, we learnt about the history and some of the hidden secrets the garden holds. Despite a little rain at first we had a great time wandering around and the kids found a fabulous tree house, some colourful fallen leaves and my Daughter made a new friend!
We had a lovely morning and by the end of our guided tour the rain had stopped and the kids were ready to go back and explore the playground again. We had definitely walked off our cakes!
Here are our top tips for getting your family active:
Free Fun: You don’t have to spend a fortune to get outside and active. Walk to your nearest park and get the kids running around the playground. Our favourite park is a drive away but we park further away to make a walk of our adventure to the park.
Also check out your local council websites as sometimes they have a list of short walks in your local area.
Make it exciting: You don’t have to do a massive hike or marathon to feel the benefits of getting outside and you can make it fun for the kids. Why not print off a nature spotter sheet from the internet and go hunting for nature and animals on your outing. In the summer we had great fun Butterfly spotting and in our backpack we have some crayons to do bark rubbings on the back of maps.
Conker hunting this time of year is great fun, or why not collect some of the fallen leaves and acorns to make some Autumnal Art. Fallen leaves are great fun to run through and even the biggest of kids can’t resist stamping on the crunchy ones! Lots of places do themed activity trails so at this time of year look out for Pumpkin, spooky or Autumnal themed walks. Kids engaged in an exciting activity won’t realise how far they’ve walked if they’re having fun.
We also play lots of silly games on our adventures making up stories, singing songs and playing I spy.
Let the kids choose the path! On a recent walk we let our Son choose the path we took and he loved being in charge of our adventure.
So why not wear your layers, pack a brolly and get outside to improve your well being!

We were invited by Fenetic Wellbeing, to RHS Harlow Carr and Betty’s for a Walk for Well being event, however all views are my own.

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