Treetop Zip trek, Manchester

We love walking in trees, and I’ve always wondered what it would be like to be a squirrel flying through the tree canopy! I took the opportunity to book us onto the Treetop trek in Manchester, an exhilarating 2-hour trek in the trees and along zip wires and obstacles. Before we went, I showed the kids the different trek options and the videos on the website. They were really keen to go, although my eldest did say he might be scared of heights.

We travelled to Heaton Park just outside Manchester on a surprisingly sunny and not too chilly February weekend, we were all so excited!

After a safety briefing and all harnessed up, we began our trek in a big group. My eldest, who supposedly is the one scared of heights, was soon running across the obstacles, bouncing on the rope bridges and generally having an awesome time. I was trying to be brave, my inner squirrel had departed me, but got more confidence as we went along. At all times you’re on a safety rope, you can’t fall off and there’s two instructors either right behind you or in shouting distance in front. My little lady unfortunately was terrified, she needed a lot of coaxing to do the first zip wire and there were a few tears (and a few smiles later!) on the way around. The trek is suitable from age 7, but my little lady did find it a challenge, especially some of the obstacles. I think the zip wires were everyone’s favourites and with 24 of them you certainly get a taste for flying through the trees! The last zip wire takes you from high up in the trees, about 15 metres, to the ground, where you land spectacularly on your feet…or in our case very graciously on your back making sure the back of your coat is coated in mud!

Back of boy's head as he looks at trees and treetop trek infant of him Woman wearing a harness crossing a rope bridge

It was great fun, certainly a workout and I could really feel it in my baby biceps. Our eldest, nearly eleven, absolutely loved it and would do it again.  There are tamer shorter trek’s available too and I think my daughter would prefer to try this next time.

Our tops tips!

Heaton park gets very busy, especially on lovely sunny days. The car park is pay and display, make sure you do! We saw parking attendants checking and a few ticketed cars parked on grass verges. We paid £3 to park all day. There’s a playground, café and plenty of green spaces to explore. You can even get a little land train to take you around the grounds.

We booked an early session at the Treetop Trek and got parked easily.

The toilets are a 5-minute walk away near the stable block.

Wear fingerless gloves! There were a few rope obstacles and my Daughter found her gloves really protected her hands.


We received no incentive to write this, but just wanted to share our outdoor adventure.

Have you tried the treetop Zip trek? Or have you done the mini trek, how did you get on? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. I didn’t know that there was a Tree-top adventure at Heaton Park! It looks like you had a great day in the end and I am glad your little lady warmed into it a bit too. They are so much fun, aren’t they? I haven’t done this course, but I have done the Go Ape in Buxton (in cold rain!) which is ace – and I need to get back as they have changed the course.

    1. I wondered if you might know Heaton Park. It was fun but I did spend a lot of time worried about little legs behind me. Hope I haven’t put her off for life as I’d like to do another, maybe tamer version!

  2. These high ropes courses are brilliant. I’ve done a couple, but when I took my boy, no amount of coaxing was going to get him on the zip wire. Bless him. He was really enjoying the other obstacles though. Maybe next time.

    The high nets are fun too, especially for younger ones. And surprisingly tiring too.


    1. Yes, really tiring! I ached for days and my little biceps felt pumped, ha ha. I was rather ambitious taking our little lady but she did it.

  3. I loved Go Ape, and this looks fab.I was scared at first, but soon got the hang of it and it looks like you had a great family day out. I think Finn would love this when he’s older, especially the shorter treks as he has some definite monkey tendencies! Thanks for sharing with us #AdventureCalling

    1. Ooo you’d probably love this then! I think starting on the shorter treks for smaller ones is probably the way to go and build their confidence up. Thanks for reading!

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