Spring ideas and activities to get your kids outside this Easter

With the “Beast from the East” and “Storm Emma” behind us, I was going to write about all the lovely things to do to get your kids out this Spring. I then heard that more of the white stuff might be on the way this weekend! Oh well, Spring if it is about to appear or not, is a great time of year, I think, to get your little ones outside.

New flowers making an appearance, new-born lambs and calves in the fields, all the promise of new life and hopefully better weather on the way, makes for a more positive outlook. It certainly makes me want to get outside more.

I’m looking forward to going on some spring walks with my family, but you don’t have to walk a massive distance to feel the benefits of getting outside. Easter egg hunts or themed bunny hop walks are probably incentive enough to get your little ones outside. It can be in your own garden, lots of places do ‘make your own egg hunt kits’ or look out for local events in parks or attractions.

I’m hoping this Easter to find somewhere to see some little lambies or baby animals of any kind, I’m a sucker for a cute face!  We’ve been going to Temple Newsam farm for years, the kids always enjoy it and there’s a great playground, but in spring you can see the baby animals. Sometimes there’s naughty goats wandering around and playing. It’s a nice day out and the best bit is it doesn’t break the bank.

We asked Santa to bring our eldest a pen knife, so hopefully along with his book of sticks I can get him whittling something fantastic – I keep saying it in the hope it happens. Craft Invaders have some fabulous bushcraft activities on their website, so I plan to have a go at making and following a stick trail.

I’m not green fingered in the slightest but this year would like to have more flowers in the garden. We’ve taken part in the big butterfly hunt for a few years, and I would like to encourage more butterflies and bees into our garden with some wild flowers. I’ve bought some seed balls from Seedball and I think even I can manage to scatter the balls in the garden and let them do their thing. Let’s hope the frost and snow stops so I can get my garden of wild flowers. Planting bulbs and scattering the seed balls is an activity I can get the kids helping with, and I’m sure most kids would love the chance to make a few mud pies too.

I’ll be crossing my fingers that we can have a short walk in the Dales with the kids, might be pushing it for a spring picnic outside but we’ve done before, all wrapped up! We’ve also a woodland adventure planned soon, and a campervan trip for us adults but I hope to write more about that soon.

What are your tips for getting the kids out this Spring? Have an amazing place we should visit to see the animals? Let me know in the comments.

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    1. Oh that sounds lovely. What do you make with the things you’ve foraged? My kids’ incentives are fuelled by tasty things in their tummies too!

    1. Poor lambs, in must be a shock to arrive in the world and then this freezing white stuff appear. Fingers crossed that the mini beast is the last of the snow!

    1. Hopefully it’s a start of better weather, I’m keeping my fingers crossed! I can’t wait to find some more cute lambs to photograph.

  1. We love spring too for these very reasons. I was away at the weekend but Nat took the kids to a farm park where they got the chance to interact with some new arrivals and they loved it. Thanks for linking up to #adventurecalling. I hope you can again when we open for more posts tomorrow.

    1. I’ve still not met any lambs! Bet your kids loved their farm visit. Spring is such a great season, although my cat has started bringing me presents.

    1. Ooo beach picnics! that sounds great. Yes, hopefully spring is finally here but then I’ve heard there might be snow this easter too!

  2. I am so over winter, it’s been going on for months! I’m so excited about spring, hopefully the snow will stay away now! We haven’t made it to see any lambs yet, although hopefully we will soon. We’re hopefully moving soon and will have a big garden, I’d love to have a wildlife garden-or at least some bee and butterfly friendly flowers. This post has inspired me! Thanks for sharing #AdventureCalling

    1. Thanks Lauren for your lovely comments. I scattered my seed balls just the other day and my daughter ‘helped’ with the watering. crossing my fingers there isn’t any more snow now. fingers crossed for your house!

  3. Thank you for the link to Craft Invaders page on tracking signs, really cool. 👍 In regards to wooly wonders and other farmyard animals, we like to visit the Rare Breeds Centre not far from Ashford (Kent). It’s run by the Canterbury Oast Trust, who are a charity working for young people and adults with learning disabilities. So not only is it a really great place to explore, it’s also for good causes 👏🙂x #AdventureCalling

    1. Craft invaders have some really great stuff. The rare breeds centre sounds fabulous, I’m all for places helping good causes.

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