Snow, floods, bugs and soggy leaves


The past couple of weeks have made getting out a little interesting with a wild weather forecast, snow, floods, bugs and soggy leaves.
The first lot of snow (beautiful for a few hours!) had melted and we were keen to get out but my eldest came down with a sickness bug and I had some dizzy head cold that resulted in me spectacularly falling down the stairs. I’m laughing now as the moment it happened was just when as our shopping was being delivered so I had an audience! A few bruises saw us both feeling pathetic and we stayed in wrapped up watching films whilst Hubby worked the weekend.
Later in the week another dumping of snow thrown in between lots of rain our plan to go into the Dales with the kids was again put on the back burner. Seeing a break of the sleet and snow showers my Daughter asked to play outside blowing bubbles, in her fancy dress skirt, like you do!
We later visited the kids Grandparents and after wearing Grandad out playing football we went out for a small walk around their village.
Gone were the gorgeous autumnal leaves that invited you to kick through them, to be replaced with sad soggy clumps now blocking roads and drains. My Daughter still wanted to play with the leaves and with Grandma’s help we turned it into a game trying to find different leaves from different trees.
The hardest part of the game was trying to find any dry leaves but my Daughter had a lot of fun finding leaves that she could peek through. She’s better at identifying leaves than me now after her lesson with Grandma.
Since we went on our leaf hunt we’ve had a load more rain and there has been flooding in many areas of Yorkshire including outside my parents’ house. They were even out in dark with a neighbour desperately trying to clear the flooded road.
I’m crossing my fingers for a drier nicer weekend this weekend for everyone’s sake!

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  1. I’m so glad you’re OK from your fall down the stairs! That’s a bit scary. Your snow was so lovely. We haven’t had any snow yet I’m hopeful for a white Christmas. I love your leaf hunt adventure! So fun!

    1. Thanks Erin, I’m being a lot more careful on the stairs now! I read something the other day that said we would have a white Christmas, so fingers crossed you see some.

  2. I’d love to have a dusting of your snow, but we are also missing the lovely dry autumn leaves which have been replaced by soggy clumps. Grandma sounds full of inspiration and I love how she created the leaf hunting game. I must get the children here out leaf hunting again soon, we have a similar selection to you so easy to find several different types. Fingers crossed for the dry weather, we were lucky here this weekend.
    Thank you for sharing with me on #CountryKids

  3. We were lucky this weekend and it was not only dry but we saw some sun!! Hope you find some dry leaves should you take the children on a leaf hunt.

  4. Oh snow exciting. Love the fancy dress bubble pic! I totally need to get better at identifying leaves too before my son gets older!! #countrykids

  5. Oh how wonderful – we have not had any snow yet – but my daughter is waiting – impatiently for some. I hope we get a good bit of snow this year #CountryKids

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