Review of the Cool Hammocks Travel Hammock Set

How does an afternoon lazing around in a hammock, surrounded by the wonderful woodland you’ve walked to, only the sounds of birdsong and a slight rustle of the trees in the breeze sound? Pretty relaxing right?! Well, it wasn’t quite as I set the scene. The kids could actually be heard squabbling about who might ‘have a go in the hammock next’, like it was some sort of ride you took a turn on! However, I could have spent a lovely afternoon relaxing in the hammock and as I’ve been testing it, I can appreciate why people would want to take a hammock out on all their adventures.

I’ve actually wanted a hammock for years, but my garden isn’t really suitable to string one up, so my only opportunity to try one out had been on a bush craft experience when we went up to Scotland. Then the lovely people at Cool Hammocks UK gave me the opportunity to test out their travel hammock set. The travel hammock packs down small and is light enough that you can pop it in your backpack and take it out on your adventure. Everything you need is in the little bag and it’s suitable for camping, backpacking or hiking. The material is 100% breathable polyester so not only is it light but strong.

somebody couldn’t wait to test it!

We did just that, popping it in our backpack and taking it out on a few walks. We’re lucky enough to have a few woods to choose from and I found the perfect trees to set myself up. The travel hammock is really easy to use, the integrated rope and hooks just need winding around a tree and securing. At first, I tentatively lowered myself into the hammock, ready with my feet to break the fall I imagined myself having! But I needn’t have worried, the hammock can take up to 120 kg in weight. Just make sure when choosing your tree that it isn’t rotten and there are no dead branches or anything from above that can fall down on top of you. There are four colours to choose from and I went for the camouflage green, although there are some gorgeous bright colours, I wanted to blend in to my surroundings. What I liked about the hammock is that in just a few minutes you can have it up and be taking the weight off your weary feet. It really is comfortable too. The last few weeks in my house have been pretty stressful with both me and Stick Boy having exams. I could actually feel myself relax slightly as I laid back in the hammock and if it wasn’t for the kids squabbling could probably have stayed there a lot longer.

The only problem now is that the kids want to use it, although I’ve seen on the website double hammocks and even ones with stands that go in the garden. I may get my garden hammock after all! Stick boy has a scout camp coming up and he’s itching to take it with him to spend the night in. I’m currently negotiating with him, so if he does, I’ll let you know how he gets on. I’ll certainly be popping the hammock in my bag the next time I go out on a walk though.

Have you got a hammock? Have you any hammocking tips for me? Let me know in the comments.

We were sent the Travel Hammock set to review by Cool Hammocks UK, however all views are honest and my own.

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