Pits and Bits Review

We love our weekend adventures and getting the whole family outside. Invariably we come back a little tired and dusty. Why is it always me that manages to find the secretly hidden bog?

We’ve recently been testing out ‘Pits and Bits’ and a range of their products. They got in touch with me to tell me about their ‘towel off’ products and sent us a few samples. I must admit I was amused by the name and loved the sound of the products. Water based, they lift dirt and grease from your skin, needing no extra water to rinse off and just a towel to dry. A great idea for walking, running, camping and festival goers, or anywhere you need to wash but there’s no water available. The products are also cruelty free and vegan friendly. There’s a medical range for use in hospitals called Nilaqua that works in the same way.

We were also sent some and hand sanitiser and expandable wipes, which are biodegradable, and expand with a little moisture. It was a hot and humid walk we had recently to the 12 Apostles on Ilkley Moor. A great opportunity to test out the ‘Shampoo Towel off’ and ‘Body Wash towel off’ products. Both products do come in plastic bottles, however, these are made from 25% recycled plastic and the bottles are able to be further recycled. Packed in my rucksack we were able to get a little cleaner before getting back in the car. I fortunately didn’t fall in any bogs, but we were all a bit sticky.

Pits and Bits bodywash being held up, moorland behind

We stopped on the way back down the moors at White Wells where the kids had bought ice lollies. Which by the time we got to the bottom of the moors had melted into a sticky mess. I whipped out the hand sanitiser and the sticky hands disappeared. My kids don’t like the chemical smell that some hand gels leave behind, but the Nilaqua is like a foam and leaves no nasty smell.

With the privacy of a small bench we cleaned up with the body wash and yes, the shampoo! Who says you can’t wash your hair on the moors? Mine is too thick and long to do so and needs some tlc, but Hubby kindly volunteered. We were all jealous as the shampoo has a gorgeous coconut fragrance. Having worked it into his hair for a few minutes, he then towelled it off with one of the wipes. Ta-dar lovely smelling hair and he looked fresh. We were impressed with how the products worked and save water. Definitely something to put in the backpack or leave in the car. I’m bound to fall in another bog soon!

We were sent the products for the purpose of this review, however all views are honest and my own.

Bog on Ilkley Moor

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