Outdoor blogger or conscientious student? A catch up on trips outside

Hello, you may have thought this outdoor blogger was missing in action, not noticed I hadn’t posted for a while, or knew I had my head down studying for my physiotherapy degree! I’m still here, still walking and getting outside, but studying hard too. It seems doing a degree, keeping a household running and sharing looking after two kids, really keeps you busy. Thank goodness for a supportive husband. Whilst I’ve been on my physio placements he’s run around after the kids, kept us all sane and reminded me to eat. Whilst I might want to believe I can do everything, it doesn’t always work out that way.

I am still getting outside (a bit) which is SO beneficial for my wellbeing, but haven’t had time to do much blogging. Here’s just a few of the things we’ve been up to…there may be longer writeups in the future!

The Yorkshire heritage Way

We’ve started the Yorkshire Heritage way, which is a new long distance walk of 42 miles from Bradford cathedral to Ripon Cathedral. It’s in five stages and so far, over two weekends, we’ve completed Stage 1 and Stage 2. The first stage saw us walk from Bradford to Saltaire. I hadn’t realised there was a bus strike the day we set off, so before we even started properly 3 miles was added on to the walk to just get to the Cathedral. It was however a great walk and we were rewarded in Saltaire with goodies from the bakery.

Looking upwards towards the cathedral building and blue face of the clock. Cloudy sky can be seen.Yorkshire heritage sign on a fencepostShaded woodland with paved path and dry stone walls either side Dry stone wall in foreground with purple foxgloves in front. Two brown cows can be seen in field beyond

Stage 2 of the walk was from Saltaire to Burley-in-Wharfedale (my old stomping ground) and with the kids away on Scout camps it was just me and Mr Hip2trek. We had such a laugh the two of us and it didn’t feel like nearly 9 miles. This time we were rewarded with beer, curry and a meetup with my parents, then it was the train home.

We’re hoping to complete the next stages soon but they get a little trickier with public transport links, so need some planning.

Details of the walk can be found here

Hawes waterfall walk

We love Hawes in Wensleydale and have made several visits over the years. Our Daughter chose the walk for her birthday and it had to include a waterfall. Although a tiny 4 miles the walks to Aysgill Force was lovely. A picnic in the fresh air and a little leg stretch it was lovely to get outside. Little did I know that I was going to come down with the thing that shall not be named. The walk would have been bigger had I known I would be laid up for 10 days!

More information about the walk and other short walks in the Yorkshire Dales can be found here

Waterfall from the bank slightly above View from behind as family group walk on flagged path surrounded by grassland

Menorca, Cami de Cavalls

I can’t really claim to have done that much walking on the Cami de Cavalls in Menorca. I recently took the kids on holiday for a week on my own. The coastal path around the island dates from the 13th century and is called ‘the way of the horses’. It is a protected path and as such is a rocky and uneven path. I would have loved to walk miles on it, but frankly the weather was too hot and lure of the pool had got the kids. They did allow me(!) a short walk to the next beach down the coast and we spotted some endangered plants.

Cami de cavalls sign on fence post White daffodil type flowers growing on the coastal pathWoman stands on rocks, wearing a green dress and sunglasses and smiling at the camera. Behind the sea can be seen and a lighthouse in the distance

Whilst we were there we also took a boat trip from the resort of Cala’n Bosch on Amigo’s boat trips. The three hour trip travels down the coast and visits coves and a beautiful remote beach only accessible by boat or on foot. Us girls played in the beautiful turquoise water, whilst the eldest was happy to keep dry and look after our stuff. The boat also had a glass bottomed section, which gave us the opportunity to see the fish and jelly fish.

A small boat can be seen on turquoise waters from a rocky path

More details of the route can be found here

We’ve a few more exciting things planned in the weeks ahead with a city break and camping trip. For now, its time to relax. Where have you been recently? Any long distance walks planned? Let me know in the comments.

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