Our fresh air in lockdown

How are you coping with the lockdown? I never imagined that these would be the things I would be writing about in Spring 2020. My hip problems however taught me not to take the outdoors for granted. I would usually be sharing with you the latest walk we had found and to tell you excitedly all about it, with the aim that you could go and enjoy it too. All these beautiful walks will be waiting for us when this is all over.

In the meantime, we’ve been enjoying our permitted daily exercise or as I’ve seen people refer them to as ‘Boris Walks’ or ‘Boris Bimbles’ after our Prime Minister! If you’ve a better name for your exercise let me know! We’re lucky enough to have a bridle way and public footpath not too far away from our house, it is however down a country lane which can be a little hairy with speeding cars and loose dogs. We’ve adapted when we go that way, to ensure we’re safe and it’s quiet.

Hip2trek kids stand by a hedge Hip2trek family stand against a gate Tan horse wearing a red coat leans over a fence in the countryside Hip2trek cuddles her two kids, theyre stood on a footpath in countryside

If its not a bigger leg stretch on the public footpath, we do a big loop ‘around the block’ and our local streets. It might not be pretty but there’s a few big hills to get those legs working. I think just padding around the house is not having a great effect on my legs and I certainly feel the small activity we do take part in. A friends online Tabata class did nearly kill me so maybe it was that!

View from behind of man and girls legs and pavement Hip2trek countryside view across fields Hip2trek and Daughter stand with jazz hands on footpath, fields either side View through window to garden at dusk, Man and boy stood holding a ball

We’re lucky enough to have a garden and the kids are able to play on the patio or we’ve some grass where they’ve pitched the tent. Most evenings Hubby, who is thankfully still working, play a game of catch. The tent has been up and down a few times and there was a spell of about a week where we couldn’t get my Daughter out of it. She decked it out with teddies and books but complained the wifi didn’t always quite reach!! Last night we let the kids sleep out in it. I had visions of them coming back in the house at some ungodly hour, but it was about 8am when they came in. They had heard all sorts apparently including an Owl. How much sleeping they actually got I’m not sure, we’ll see if they need an early night. It did feel a bit weird going to bed and locking them out but my eldest had his key, phone and torch.

View looking down on blue tent in garden Hip2trek kids in garden folding up blue tent Little legs lies on cushions on a driveway, behind her chalk writing thanking key workers is behind her View from behind of man and girls legs and pavement

We’ve found online activities to keep the kids occupied over the School ‘Easter Holiday’s’, the Ordnance Survey have a Getoutside/inside activity page with challenges, video and resources to colour in. Jason Rawles from Aspire Adventure also has a list of indoor adventure activities that you can be sent just follow the sign up instructions to be sent a pdf. Little Legs enjoyed a mountaineering challenge and a lunchtime mountain top view challenge too and she’s plans for compass making and map planning. Also keeping them quiet has been the decorating the driveway with some old chalk to thank all the keyworkers. We did add the Emergency services after the photo was taken so no one was left out!

Little legs dressed as a mountaineer stands on top of her cushion mountain in a living room Child sits in window surrounded by a mountain of cushions View through window to garden at dusk, Man and boy stood holding a ball Garden portrait as Man stands on garden steps with two children. Man wears tuxedo, girl in middle blue dress and boy wears white shirt and black trousers

We’ve also had a lockdown birthday in the house. I managed to get a cake which went down well, we had games, a film, nail painting, video calls and messages and we all dressed up for a takeaway dinner. My Daughter claimed, “it was the best day ever!” and that’s all I could have wished for. I’m sure all of us will have missed events and adventures we’ll want to make up for when this is all over, but for now let’s all do our bit, staying home and keeping safe.

Hope this blog post finds you well, let me know what you’ve been up to in the comments. Good luck if you’re home educating like us! x

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