Marsden Pule Hill – New Year’s Day Walk

I was so excited to go for a walk near Marsden at Pule Hill. We try and go for a walk to welcome in the new year, last year visiting Hackfall woods for a festive walk. Obviously, the Christmas celebrations were rather different this year. A walk in Marsden has been on the list for a little while, and on New Year’s Day restrictions allowed us to go. Time to test the new fitbit that Santa had brought me!

Man and child, backs to camera. walk along canal side View of canal at Standedge tunnel visitor centre Hip2trek group selfie at canal Standedge tunnel Snowy hills above Marsden

From an icy car park in Marsden, right next to the railway station, our walk started with a little limp down to the path besides the canal. We walked from here to Standedge Tunnel and visitor centre, before making our way to a little road above that would eventually take us to on to the moors. The walk we were following was from the National Trust and would take us around the bottom of Pule Hill and across the moorland. Besides the canal the paths weren’t too slippy, but that all changed as we got on to the moorland. There was a dusting of snow which made the walk a little more of a workout that anticipated! Sadly, it wasn’t the type to have a good snowball fight with.

Snowy moorland, Hip2trek family can be seen with backs to camera walking across snowy path Marsden Moor National Trsut Sign on the moorland Landscape shot across snowy moorland, big hill can be seen in background A ventilation building on the moorland, snowy hills in background

The vast expanse of moorland in front of us did look really pretty though, although I’m not sure if I would like to be stuck out there if the weather really did come in. No more was forecast, and I was pretty sure with the length of the walk we would be okay. Having crossed wooden boardwalks, moorland and passed some old ventilation buildings, we eventually came around the side of Pule Hill. We couldn’t see the top, I probably need my eyes testing, but the snow and white sky merged in to one. People had been making their way up there though, although I doubt there was any view. If you fancy going to the top, once travel is allowed, there is a road at the bottom that people were parking at the side of.

Hip2trek family selfie, snowy hill can be seen in background

On this part of the walk there was quite a bit of road walking, with lots of cars parked along the edge it didn’t feel too safe. I spent most of this bit shouting at the kids to be careful. Ice, big hill going downwards and lots of parked cars, eek! After what felt like forever, we found the small side road that we had to walk down. It was like an ice rink, but we made it safely along. At this point in the walk, we were on the home stretch. Limping down the hill our circular walk took us back up to the train station. I was pleased to have packed a flask of boiling water, hot chocolate sachets and some peanut butter and jam wraps. For those few hours I hadn’t even thought about the world being in turmoil. It was so lovely to be outside and having had our wings clipped since, I’m so glad we took the opportunity to get out from in front of the telly.

There were no facilities on this walk so take a picnic, map etc. Please check local restrictions before travelling. Have you walked in this area? Let me know in the comments, I love to hear from you.

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