Lurgy stops play and Autumnal adventures at Yorkshire Sculpture Park!

Lurgy has stopped play the past few weekends and we haven’t been on any big walking adventures as I haven’t been able to stop coughing. I’ve also had to stop the gym and physio exercises but my abs still got a great workout from all the coughing!
We did go out for some fresh air and managed a couple of very short walks first of all testing out the kid’s new coats in some local woodland and then this weekend three of us went back to the Yorkshire Sculpture Park.
Although my China trek might be months away I’ve very conscious of the fact I need to continue improving my endurance and fitness. My hip was starting to hurt from being in the house all day and I needed to get my boots back on and get out there. The fresh air was bound to do me some good too. Our youngest was at a party so we headed for somewhere close by and although we’ve visited the Yorkshire Sculpture Park before for a stroll amongst the Sculptures, it’s big enough that we haven’t discovered everything about it.
It was a bit strange without our youngest chattering away but the three of us had fun as we picked a path we hadn’t taken before through the woodland. We let our Son choose which way to go and as soon as he found the ’71 steps’ he was decided as part of Mummy’s training that this was the way we were definitely going. He actually looked at me and said “Go on then, get on with it, you can do this one a few times”. Had my chest been better he may have got a smart remark back but we headed up the steps with him counting all the way. 
Climbing up through the woodland and under the canopy of pine trees we found a little den made of logs that our Son would have loved to be able to hide in. He ran from tree to tree pretending to jump out on us and I think he was playing some sort of sniper game, like boys do!
The well-worn path led us eventually to the Longside gallery and we were able to wander around and have a look at some of the interesting exhibits. My Son loved the monkey and I liked the interesting blue tiles making a person.
We then followed a path signposted back down to the lower lake through a wide open field and to park of the park we recognised from before. A heron timed his flight perfectly landing just to the side of us as I put the camera away! We did manage a few shots of him at the side of the lake but didn’t want to get too near and frighten him.
It was nearly lunchtime and after the pie incident on our potted meat stick walk that you might have read about, we went on a hunt for something pie like. My Son was thrilled that in the restaurant there was pie and peas on, although he wasn’t brave enough to try the peas! 
It was then time to start the walk back to the car and work off the pie and be home in time for our little lady returning from her party. We’d walked about four miles which is quite a short distance for us these days, but we’d had great fun discovering a new path and seen some interesting art.
All views are my own and I’ve received no incentive to write this.
Monkey and Mouse
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  1. This looks like a lovely trail – it’s great that he could lead the way! Well done on your training – what a challenge you’ve set yourself! #Whatevertheweatherkids

    1. Thank you! Yes, quite a challenge but I’m determined and hope to raise lots for my charity.

  2. The Sculpture Park looks like a great place to explore. I really need to spend some time in Yorkshire next year, there is so much going on there! Hope you’re feeling better and able to get back on it this week 🙂

    1. Thank you, I’m feeling a lot better. If you do come to Yorkshire there’s lots to do and I’m sure you would have a great time discovering places.

  3. It looks like a great walk and it’s nice to be able to get out, but not have to walk so far when you aren’t feeling well. Your son is so different to mine when it comes to food, ours would devour the peas but maybe poke at the pie or perhaps eat the crust! Ha ha! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    1. Ha ha! Funnily enough he likes peas (and almost anything else really) but as soon as he heard the mushy bit he wasn’t having it! Thanks for letting me link up x

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