January Blues? Get Outside!

It’s nearly the end of January, the evenings are getting lighter and Spring it just around the corner, all things to be positive about, right? Last week however, was apparently Blue Monday, across the media was the doom and gloom that the 15th January was the most depressing day of the year.

I wasn’t going to be told by the media that I was going to be depressed that day, Blue Monday was apparently invented by holiday companies trying to sell more holidays, after all. Instead I headed outside for a walk with a friend, in torrential rain and wind! With water and snot (yes, sorry really selling you this aren’t I!) running down my face, the path turned into a river, and I trudged up a big hill. I grumbled, I laughed, I squealed as I jumped from bog to bog, trying not to get my brand-new boots filthy. But after an hour outside with some exercise I felt a sense of accomplishment, I had literally weathered the storm! With pink cheeks and looking like I had been dragged through a hedge backwards I felt great, it was exhilarating.

Getting outside walking has many health benefits that I’ve talked about before, and in a recent chat with some other outdoor bloggers most of us agreed that getting outside was good for our wellbeing. I’m like a little dog now, needing a walk every few days to keep me happy. I certainly sleep better. January is my birthday month and I refuse to let it be a blue month. There is a new season on the horizon, pop outside for a moment and take a look.

Do you find January a depressing month? Let me know in the comments what you do to make it a better month.

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  1. I agree the whole ‘blue monday’ thing is rubbish though it does remind me to list to New Order – I’m like you I’m also a believer in getting outside for a walk (or gardening). Though I’m definitely a fair weather walker. It sounds like you had a great time- love Bec xx

    1. Thanks for popping over. Getting outside really does make me feel better, sadly I’m a terrible gardener so I’m in awe of anyone green fingered. I’m getting better at walking in the rain and an investment in some waterproof trousers definitely helped on this day. Hip2trek x

  2. What a positive post. I could almost feel the cold rain and the warm glow of your cheeks. I don’t get out as much as I should, but we had a good walk today around a local wildlife reserve and although it was chilly we all felt so much better for it. I think we even managed to wear the dog out! Hope you have some great walks planned this year 🙂

    1. Thank you. The wildlife reserve walk sounds good, your dog must have enjoyed it! I’m hoping to do lots of walks this year, big, small and maybe a few hills in there too. As long as I can get outside I’ll be happy. Thanks for reading.

  3. I do giggle at your posts. I love the raw honesty. I have been much more enthused this month than previous years. And I too have blogged about walking for my mental health. Getting outdoors doesn’t have to mean climbing a mountain. Britain has many beautiful local parks.

    1. Ha ha, glad I made you giggle. I think it’s important to be honest that sometimes when you go out it isn’t sunshine and roses! Yes, exactly you don’t have to climb a mountain and parks are great too. Thanks for reading.

  4. Love this post. There’s somethings special about getting outside in all the weather. Makes you feel mighty. It’s brilliant.


  5. Great post! I did a similar walk recently, a couple of hours just me and the dog through the woods and down to the coast where I experienced my first snowfall on a beach, in fact a mini blizzard and not another soul around. I felt restored and mildly self righteous despite rather chapped legs afterwards. Getting outdoors is so good for the soul. #AdventureCalling

    1. Thank you. Oh wow, a mini blizzard on the beach sounds incredible! Getting outdoors is definitely good for the soul. #AdventureCalling

  6. Great post. You’re absolutely right, sometimes we let the media and big corporations with an agenda peddle ideas all too easily. It’s great that you got out and made the most of it. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling , I hope you can when we open for posts again in the morning.

    1. Bad weather seems to follow us on our grown up walks, so best to make the most of it! Thanks for reading and hosting #AdventureCalling

  7. I don’t usually find January depressing but this year, it was particularly bad for us, with a combination of winter illnesses and ghastly weather here in Ireland. That said, you’re absolutely right – there’s no feeling like that after weathering a storm!

    1. Fingers crossed for better weather coming and banish the bugs. We seem to have had Winter illness galore in the past few weeks too. Thanks for reading.

  8. This January seemed to go on forever, so I’m glad to see the back of it. I love it now the nights are getting lighter and spring isn’t so far away. I find it hard to get out when it’s grey and gloomy, but I always feel so much better. Sounds like you had a fun walk, despite the weather! Thanks for sharing #AdventureCalling

    1. It did seem to go on forever and I’m also loving that the nights are getting lighter. Fingers crossed we have a lovely spring. Thanks for reading and hosting.

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