Hip2trek adventure around Swinsty and Fewston reservoirs

Just north of Otley, in the Washburn valley are the Yorkshire Water reservoirs of Swinsty and Fewston surrounded by woodland and great footpaths it’s just our sort of place for a family adventure.
There are three car parks to choose from and we parked at the middle car park, (which has toilets and an ice cream van serving hot drinks!) planning a big looped walk around both reservoirs. The weather was dry and actually warm at a balmy 10°!
We set off at a good pace, conscious that the winter sun that was struggling to break through wouldn’t be around for as long. We’re determined to get out walking for as long as we can, but to keep up my fitness I’m trying to get in more sessions at the gym. It’s really not the same walking along on the treadmill but I need to keep my mileage up and my legs strong.
The paths around the reservoirs are easy, with only a few steep inclines, and surrounded by woodland with some very impressive pine trees. “Now they are trees!” my Son commented. We breathed in great lungful’s of the pine scent and fresh air, now you can’t get that in the gym.
The kids were able to run ahead along the paths playing with my walking pole pretending it was a twirling baton or a sniper rifle. They were completely splattered with mud all up their legs but were having great fun. My son even did a little tree hugging!
The scenery was beautiful and we loved the reflections on the water. We had heard that King Fishers have been spotted in the area but we didn’t see any when we visited, although we seemed to have numerous Robin’s escorting us but none wanted to pose for a picture.
In just under three hours we had walked around both reservoirs and really enjoyed our walk of just over 10.3 km and there were hours of daylight left, phew.
The route is popular with joggers, walkers and dog owners and more information about accessibility can be found on the Yorkshire Water website where there are details of other reservoir walks.
All views are my own and I’ve received no incentive to write this.
Havre you a route idea for us or tips for my training? Comment below or pop over to my Facebook page and say hi.

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    1. Thanks for reading, it’s certainly a stunning place I’d like to go back and visit.

    1. It’s a lovely place for a peaceful walk, well apart from when my kids are playing snipers!

  1. 10 km sounds pretty good going to me with the kids, but it sounds like the trials are well laid out and there is so much to see along the way. Your photos of the reservoir look stunning. I can’t imagine a better way to spend a balmy December day together.
    Merry Christmas to you all and thanks you for joining in with #CountryKids

    1. It was nice and easy for the kids and lots for them to look at. Hope you had a great Christmas too!

  2. It looks like a gorgeous place to visit! A lovely area of the country and love that the Robins were following you. 🙂 x

  3. This is such a beautiful place! I would love to go hiking there somedays too. We’ve been to the Yorkshire Moor two Summer ago and that was a memory to had. I have to day I am very impressed with your 10.3 km walk. WOW! Well done! #CountryKids

    1. Thank you for reading. Hope you get to visit the area again some day, there’s lots of lovely places.

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