Happy Families Lewis Special Edition by Go For It Games – Review and Giveaway!

When I told my kids 8 and 5 that we were going to be reviewing a special game with our name on it they were so excited! The postman couldn’t come quickly enough and they were eager to open the colourful box that came. As well as the cards the pack has inside a piece of wrapping paper with the Lewis name printed all over it, a great idea if you intend to give this as a present.
The game is a new up to date edition of Happy Families and there are 24 different special edition surnames. Each picture card has the Lewis family at different events for example at Christmas or Easter, or at different stages in their life so there is a Lewis toddler group of cards. The groups have four cards and the idea of the game is collect all the cards from that group. The cards have fun colourful drawings on them and an interesting Lewis fact. You can either play ‘Happy Families’ which is a UK game or the US version which is called ‘Go Fish’ and there are handy cards that give the rules and instructions. We decided to try ‘Go Fish’.
We go out most weekends for a walk and always take a picnic so this time we took the cards too. Sat by the river we all had fun looking through the pack. Each group has a number and different colour so despite my 5 year old not being able to read all the scenarios she wasn’t left out of the game because we could go by number or colour. We loved the Lewis facts we found on the cards, there was our surname in how it would look in morse code and sign language. We sometimes were either laughing at the pictures on the card or busy reading out the facts that we forgot whose turn it was to go next! The kids especially liked Mr Lewis having a barbeque. There looked to be a lot of smoke and burnt things, just like Daddy!
We all really enjoyed playing the game and the kids are eager to play again, it’s an easy game to play and made all the more entertaining with having our name on it. Small and easy to pack in the rucksack I can see the Happy Families game coming out on more of our walks, and the kids have already planned to take it camping with us in a few weeks.
Sadly the competition is now closed! We were sent a Happy Families game to review but all thoughts and opinions are my own.
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  1. What a fun idea for a game! It’s good that it is colour coded too so the little family members can play as well.

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