Gargrave – A short walk and trig bagging for little legs

With a rare Mummy and Daughter day, we decided to take our new walkie talkies on a short walk in Gargrave. Gargrave is just a couple of miles from Skipton North Yorkshire, off the A65, has a few shops and the Leeds Liverpool canal running through it. From the free carpark, we turned right up the road following the fingerpost signs towards the canal and the Pennine Way. Once over the bridge of the canal, the walk starts on a quiet road called Mark House Lane. This soon becomes narrower and narrower eventually becoming a bridleway and it is this that we stayed on. Our destination was a trig point, but the point of the walk was for Little Legs to test out our new walkie talkies. She kept running ahead so that we could ‘talk’ to each other and gave us radio names. When I first said “Roger, Roger” over the walkie talkie she demanded to know who he was!!

Child stands on bridge, canal locks behind her Hand holds child's walkie talkie, countryside oath in background Countryside path child in distance

The countryside was lovely and quiet and then in the distance we saw our destination, a trig point on Haw Crag. Little legs wasn’t very impressed at the massive hill she saw in the distance, but once we got through the field of sheep she was eager to get to the trig. The sheep escorted us all the way up the steep uneven ‘path’ up. We might have been following their path at this point. It was soooooo windy at the trig point, I thought we might get blown away. All along the bridleway I had promised we would have our chocolate treat at the trig point. We both decided we’d find somewhere less windy instead.

Dry stoned walled bridleway fields either side Haw Crag in distance and dry stone wall in foreground Cow at gateway

Trig hugged, we made our way back to the car, ‘talking’ nearly all the way there. It was a lovely short walk, approx. 2 miles each way and nice to have a Mummy/Daughter adventure. I’ve been told that the woodland, at the bottom of lane as it becomes a bridleway, has dens and a rope swing. A discovery to make next time perhaps!

Sheep on the hilly field Haw Crag Hip2trek selfie with trig point Selfie Hip2trek and little legs at the trig point Child stands with infront of trig point holding her coat

I had planned to visit the Fish and Chip shop for lunch but sadly it was shut on a Monday!

We parked at the North Street Carpark BD23 3RN.

Have you any Gargrave walks for me? Walkie Talkie tips? Let me know in the comments. 

You might like a similar walk in the are to another trig called Sharp Haw.

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