February half term fun – come on Spring!

We’ve not been on many outdoors adventures recently, I’ve been feeling awful and the weather hasn’t exactly been great either.

The kids have been off school this week on half term, a week later that everyone else so not as many fun activities on. We’ve still managed to get out and have some fun and here’s what we have been up to.

National mining museum

Not outside but technically a walk of sorts – well, 140 metres underground! We visited the National Mining Museum, but this time took an underground tour with Eric, a former miner. Dark, enclosed spaces aren’t really my thing, but I was brave for the sake of the kids and we had a great time. Just over an hour and half underground learning about the history of mining, it was really interesting. Once back on the surface we visited the pit ponies and the kids played in the new adventure playground. It was rather chilly and still feeling wobbly I decided to save the nature trail walk till another day.

Great value – museum free to get in, underground tour was £4 each with miners brass check souvenir.

The kids get bikes!

Both children have grown out of their bikes. Our youngest can’t quite ride one without her stabilisers and I really think it’s a skill she needs to master. New bikes are obviously expensive, so after a bit of research I’ve found a local place that recycles and refurbishes bikes. A trip to Cycle-recycle and the kids have new helmets and their cleaned up, safety checked bikes will be ready to pick up in a few days.

We got two bikes, a bell, bike horn and two cool new helmets for under £100

Walking local footpaths

I lead a local health walk every week and this week the kids came with me. A few miles on local footpaths and bridleways across fields and golf courses, certainly got the blood pumping. Little legs were exercised, and cheeks were rosy.

Visiting Grandma and Grandad the other day we managed a walk to a park. It’s a bit of walk up a big hill but the kids love playing there. We even got Grandad on the tyres!

Check out the Ordnance Survey ‘greenspaces’ option on their online maps for green spaces near you, make it an adventure to walk to them.

Twisted Firestarter!

Ok, not quite. We had a small session playing in the garden and having a go at some bushcraft. I was bought a flint and steel for Christmas, so we planned to make a small fire in an old barbeque. The kids gathered things they thought might help start the fire from a spark, we talked about how things burn, and why wet grass might not. I think the kids had grand plans to roast marshmallows on our fire, but we didn’t really get that far! Under supervision the kids had a go at trying to get a spark. I’ll blame the wind, but we only got a pathetic flame. It kept the kids entertained for a while though and they spent time outside playing.

I’m crossing my fingers that the weather this weekend is kind and we can have a family walk. I’m getting fed up of the cold weather, icy pavements and howling wind. Come on Spring, I can sense you’re just hiding around the corner! I was thrilled a few days ago to see some snowdrops peeking out of a flowerbed, let’s hope the snow doesn’t come back and kill them.

What have you been doing this February? Let me know in the comments.


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  1. I love the idea of cycle recycle – what a smashing initiative! I wish there was something similar nearer – I’m googling that later. We have a shed load of bikes sitting idle and they need to be used by someone!
    You’ve done loads – I’m way less adventurous unfortunately. The mine tour for £4 with a souvenir is awesome value too.

    1. I hope you find there is a cycle recycling place near you. The kids are so excited to pick the bikes up and we’ve a few to donate too.
      I didn’t think we had done much until I wrote it all down! Thanks for reading

  2. I really need to go to the mining museum – I’ve been meaning to go for years.
    saw dust is good for fire lighting and dried rosemary 🙂 – a mispent youth in the guides and alot of camping. :Love Bec xx

    1. The mining museum is really worth a visit and they keep improving it too.
      Thank you, I’ll remember the fire starting tips!

    1. Yes lovely and sunny here too, just absolutely freezing. We had an hour outside in the park earlier. Thanks for reading x

  3. It’s always tough getting outside and enjoying the fresh air at this time of year isn’t it? I bet you’re all glad you managed it though! It’s great to see that you’ve managed to pack so much outdoor fun into your half term, and you’ve even managed to find ways to encourage more outdoor fun with new bikes too. I look forward to more posts about your family adventures on the bikes.

    Thanks for sharing your fun filled half term week on #CountryKids.

  4. I am not very good with underground spaces as well. Things we do for out kids hehe.

    SOunds like you had a busy week! The weather is not promising here but if it will snow it would be nice as we never had one in years!


    1. Ha ha, yes I know! Have you got any snow yet? we’ve had a bit but nothing like what I thought we might be in for… hope I haven’t spoken too soon!

  5. Sounds like a fun half term – we visited Cornwall for our week off and it was lovely. Although I am also more than ready for some warmer weather – its freezing! #countrykids

  6. Ah I hope you’re feeling better now Emma and you’re right, the weather has’nt been too great of late. The cycle-recycle place sounds like a brilliant idea and I love that you’re getting into a bit of bushcraft. I’ve got a mate who is heavily into that and I keep threatening to learn more from him – something I really must do. Thanks for joining us on #adventurecalling. I hope you can again when we open for more posts tomorrow morning.

    1. I spoke too soon about the weather in this post didn’t I?! We had a bit of a go at bushcraft when we were in Scotland and the kids really enjoyed it then too. I’d like to do a bit more whilst the kids are keen. Thanks for reading, I’ll be popping back to #adventurecalling

  7. Great tips, Emma! I love the National Mining museum! We didn’t get to go down the mine last time though as it was bank holiday and fully booked. Need to get back really.

    I hope you have plenty of nice weather for the half term to tire our your young ones!

    1. Thanks Sarah. It’s certainly an experience going underground, and to think tiny children spent their days down there too!

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