Conker hunting fail!

We had a funny weekend this weekend, hubby was working and my plans to visit the Peak District with the kids were floored by a sinus headache. The weather has been really odd too hasn’t it? so I had no idea what to wear either.

We did make to the kids Grandparents and us girls went for a little autumnal walk. Well, autumnal in that it’s October, but we were boiling so were dressed like it was August. I wish I had taken my sunglasses! The plan was to go conker hunting on a favourite path, not far from the River Wharfe, that I mentioned in my Autumn tips.

The squirrels however, (or local children) had beaten us to it and we came home with four pathetic conkers and a few pretty rocks that my Daughter wanted to give to Grandma’s patio. We did enjoy our little walk, looking at the changing tree colours, and peeping over the wall to see the weir. You can usually see the stepping-stones across the river and a small island, but the water was thundering down the weir and the was no sign of them.

The Peak District exploration waits for another day and I’ve been collecting maps and information of where I’d like to go. Have you visited and got any tips for me? Let me know in the comments or over on my Facebook page.

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