Clowbridge reservoir to the Singing ringing tree, Burnley

The singing ringing tree is a sculpture, made from galvanised steel pipes, that sits on crown point overlooking Burnley, Lancashire.

This post is for accountability that we actually went for a walk and I practised what I preach, to get outside for your wellbeing. Why? Because in all honesty we did take rather a holistic route! I pride myself on my honesty and I’m not going to tell you I made no map reading mistakes, or that everything was wonderful.  We set off from Clowbridge reservoir heading for Dunnockshaw community woodland and from there to crown point.

We did have a good walk and lots of lovely fresh air. The wind was howling and I’ve got a wind burnt face and my ears wish I’d worn ear muffs. The kids were laughing because they decided the walk was good for mental health, as I was so worried about getting lost that I must have forgotten everything else I was worrying about!

The howling wind meant the singing ringing tree was in fact singing, its low haunting sound.

If you don’t fancy a walk there is parking at the Singing ringing tree and a short walk from there to the sculpture. 

We parked at Clowbridge reservoir BB11 5PF.

OS map OL21

There are no facilities on this route.

There are more Singing ringing tree details and video at Visit Lancashire

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