Cheddar Outdoor Bloggers Weekend

How would you like to spend the weekend with like-minded people? A fabulous location, walking, chatting and warming yourself by a campfire in the evening? Well that’s exactly what I found myself doing this Spring, on the second Outdoor Blogger weekend I’ve attended.

This time the location was Cheddar, Somerset, just a five (or six on a Friday) hour drive away! This year I didn’t have the luxury of a cool Bumble Camper, but had invested in a new tent and sleeping bags for me and Hubby.

It’s a relaxed weekend organised by lovely Outdoor Bloggers founders, Zoe from Splodz Blogz and Jenni from The Thrifty Magpies nest, with quizzes, walks, sitting by the campfire and scavenger hunts.


The only spanner in the works was that I was in agony. I had visited the Doctor that morning who suggested I didn’t go. I had been looking forward to seeing everyone and have always wanted to go to Cheddar Gorge. One of my many qualities is that I’m very stubborn, yes Hubby, I’ve admitted it! Which is why having put up the tent, I sat around the campfire with everyone enjoying our evening meals. I’d taken my favourite Firepot meals but where was the cutlery? On the drive down, I’d been looking forward to my Dal and rice but now had nothing to eat it with. Luckily, we were allowed a couple of our goody bag gifts early. The lovely people from Outdoor World direct knew a couple of wally’s would need a vango long handled spoon!

With temperatures overnight of -1, we got out of the 3 season sleeping bags I’d bought, rather unimpressed that they hadn’t kept us warm. Along with thermals, coats and a blanket I thought we’d be warm! I was ready for a lovely day walking though and the plan was to walk up to Cheddar Gorge. I was still feeling poorly but had been looking forward to this walk.

Our walk from the centre of Cheddar took us up to the Horse shoe bend and cliffs of the Gorge, Black rock and the hilariously named Velvet bottom, before making our way around to the other side of Cheddar Gorge itself. Velvet bottom had a glittery path, lit up with magpie attracting sparkles from the dragon rock we found, actually slag deposits from the former lead mining in the area. We stood for ages all looking in wonder at the shiny rocks, the photos unfortunately don’t do it justice.

I won’t lie, I found the walk tough. As long as I could put one foot in-front of the other I would keep going. My blog from the start has been about overcoming adversity, being honest when things don’t go to plan, and determination. I wasn’t about to let some pain stop me now. I might not have dangled my legs over the edge of the Gorge, but I stood at the top just proud of myself I’d made it with no tears. Well, not many!

After the long walk back to the campsite, we packed the tent up having decided to make the long drive home a little earlier than planned. I was gutted to miss the rest of the weekend’s activities, but I left all the Outdoor bloggers with big hugs as they got the fire going again. We loved Cheddar and maybe one day can take the kids back and explore some more.

Photo credit Jenni Tulip – The Thrifty Magpies Nest

We stayed at Petruth Paddocks in Cheddar –

Need an OS map to plan your walk? You’ll need Explorer map 141

All opinions are honest and my own. I’ve received no incentive to write this blog post but just wanted to share our adventures with you.

Have you been to Cheddar? Got some camping tips to keep me warm? Then let me know in the comments. As ever, thanks for reading!

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