Bingley 5 Rise Locks to Saltaire canal stroll


Our recent family walk was a stroll along the Leeds Liverpool canal from Bingley 5 rise locks to Saltaire. After doing the 2 Yorkshire Peaks the week before our blisters had subsided but we decided to have an easier walk this time.
We drove to nearby Bingley for the start of our walk and the chilly day started to warm up nicely. As we walked to the swing bridge to cross the canal the kids were thrilled to see their first Narrow boat going down the locks.
The walk is easy with a bit of a steep descent to start with and only a few ups and downs. Just what the adult’s legs needed post Yorkshire Peaks! The kids were fascinated with the narrow boats and the locks, scaring me slightly as they peered into the water. A popular tow path with cyclists and runners led us towards Saltaire. We spotted Swans, Geese and Ducks and even a family canoeing! What I loved about this walk is that by the canal it was quite relaxing with only a few bike bells ringing now and again.
The temperature had certainly warmed up and we were soon stripping off the hoodies and applying the sun cream. 
After a picnic stop on a bench in the shade we shunned the pubs we had walked past (canal walk bonus, there’s always a pub!) and headed into Saltaire. Every September there’s a festival in the village of Saltaire and this was the first weekend. The number of people had increased and we walked from the tow path into Robert’s Park to discover what was going on. On the playing fields were a few stalls, ice cream vans, storytelling and some reptiles on show. The kids were keen to see the snakes and were offered the chance to stroke a Tarantula, they weren’t brave enough but it did look quite nice and furry!
Being the first weekend of the festival it wasn’t as busy as we have seen it before and we walked up past the mill to discover the delights of a nearby bakery. I’d picked the wrong weekend for the handmade, food street market and the kids were a bit upset that they couldn’t spend their pocket money. However, my little lady picked a ‘Fat Tyke’ biscuit which was nearly as big her! I’m not sure if they’re just a Yorkshire thing but I’ve seen them before called ‘Fat rascals’, yummy. We walked around stopping to look at some fab local artist’s work and then made our way back to the canal side for our walk back, little lady stopping to look at the narrow boat handmade shop at pretty bracelets and pottery.
We walked nearly six miles altogether, which is quite a short walk for us and had enjoyed the fresh air, relaxed pace and sunshine. Next year we’ll have to get the right week and visit the festival when it’s really got going! (and pop into the pubs!)
We parked on the side of the road just above the 5 Rise Locks at Bingley, there is a cafe on the canal side and walking towards Saltaire there are a couple of refreshment opportunities.
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  1. Looks like a gorgeous walk, I do love canals. Looks like a lovely part of the country, we really need to head up north a bit more and do some exploring!

  2. Looks absolutely stunning! It’s not often that I walk anywhere – I drive all the time! I want to get a dog so I have to go for long walks, but my other half says no. Haha!

  3. This looks like such a lovely walk. What a beautiful area! It is a shame you missed the market, but you got a Fat Rascal! You have now really made me want one though – I am in Yorkshire this wekend so I will have to go and get one #ChasingNature

    1. Thanks for popping by. Enjoy your Yorkshire weekend, let me know if you find a Fat Rascal!

  4. What a gorgeous walk along the canal! You definitely seem to have had a lot of fun on your wall slotting wildlife and visiting the festival. I love it when you get to touch reptiles and spiders, my two aren’t as sure, although they do love snakes! That biscuit really is huge, did she eat it all?! Thanks for linking up to #Whateverheweather 🙂 x

    1. Ha ha yes she did, there was no way anyone was going to help her eat it! Thanks for reading x

  5. What a beautiful walk. My in laws own a narrow boat on a canal in Oxford. My children love visiting and going out on the boats. I am in constant panic mode as they are only 4 and 1 and neither can swim. But the views you see are stunning and you meet such interesting people. Thank you for linking up and sharing this lovely post. We hope to see you again next week for #ChasingNature

    1. I’m exactly the same about the kids being near the water but it was so lovely and relaxing along the canal. Thanks for reading x

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