Baby Born Interactive Review

The lovely people at Zapf creations must have heard my daughter’s squeals every time she saw the Baby Born adverts. She’s wanted one for ages and was delighted when we were asked to do a review of the Baby Born Interactive Doll.
With new themes and eleven accessories my Daughter couldn’t wait to get her baby out of the box. The fully moveable dolls can cry real tears, eat, wet and poo and can even go in the bath and the great thing is it doesn’t need batteries. It comes dressed in a baby grow and has a new dummy on a chain which clips to her outfit and cute friendship bracelets which my Daughter loves. She also liked that it comes with birth certificate, the only difficulty was coming up with a name and weight! We’re currently sticking with Baby for the time being.
We started by feeding the baby some ‘milk’ which was actually tap water from her little bottle. There is a bit of knack to getting this right as we kept dribbling most of the water down poor Baby’s outfit! We did get some water down her and with her legs in the right position we could make her to wee on the potty that also comes in the box. I’m sure we weren’t doing this quite right and much to my Daughter’s amusement the doll peed all over my leg!
Baby Born also comes with food that you can mix up and give her and then of course she can use the potty. My Daughter had been quite excited that the doll could use the potty and found it all quite amusing until we came to test this out, she decided that she didn’t want to do this. I think she thought the doll would really poo and after I got a wet leg she wasn’t keen. She’s been pretending to feed the doll instead, using the plate and spoon from the box.
My Daughter has had a great time playing with the doll, bathing her and tucking her up in bed. The cleaning instructions seem complicated when you first read them but I’m sure once you’ve done it a few times it will make sense. We haven’t quite got the hang or getting her legs right so she doesn’t wee on us but again we just need a little practice!
We are a walking family and I’m impressed that there is a new range of fun and play accessories that you can buy for the doll, encouraging your child to play outside which is a winner with me. My Daughter has been through the booklet with Baby planning their next adventure and what they might wear!
We were sent a Baby Born Interactive for the purpose of this review. However, all views are honest and my own.

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