A Sunny Scarborough walk 


This last weekend we took the kids camping on the Yorkshire east coast at Scarborough for two nights. Before we went I plotted a walking route with a plan to walk from our campsite and end up at Scarborough Castle. You can read all about our Scarborough Castle adventure here Under Siege at Scarborough Castle.
We stayed at the Camping and Caravan club site just to the North of Scarborough with the Cleveland way footpath and views of the sea just minutes away. I’d planned to take some simple easy meals that I just had to heat up and we planned to either take a picnic or get lunch out. Best laid plans! In packing the car we found that hardly anything fit in once the tent was in the boot, add to that the coolbox and two kids sat in car seats and there wasn’t an inch of room left for camping gas and a stove. Something had to be sacrificed and we decided with only two nights away we would manage without the stove and gas.
It was only when we were reaching the campsite I remembered I hadn’t grabbed the kids toothbrushes!……….oh and the pump for the airbed and the chairs for us!
After an interesting night with what felt like gale force winds and a trip outside at 1am to put more tent pegs in, we awoke to glorious sunshine and a nice breeze. After a small breakfast from the coolbox and a nice hot shower we were ready to explore.
We found the footpath opposite the campsite that led down to the cliff edge and the Cleveland way, passing fields of gold corn. Absolutely beautiful scenery and Scarborough Castle was in the distance.
From here our route was easy following the coastal path towards Scarborough, it was quite breezy at times so we had to watch our hats didn’t fall off. Parts were quite steep and rocky and we had a few steps too, all great training for me and my Great Wall of China challenge!
Once we made it past the Sea Life centre we walked along the wall next to the beach. With the best day of the weekend people were already starting to build sandcastles and the kids were more eager to go on the beach than up to the castle. With the promise of the beach another day we plodded on towards the castle. The last part of our walk was up the winding path in Royal Albert Park that takes you up towards the castle. The path twists and turns as it takes you up higher and higher. Every time we met a flight of steps the kids commented that we had to take these for Mummy’s training! By the time we made it to the top and the entrance to the castle we had walked nearly three miles. After a wander around the castle it was time to walk back again and those steep cliffs are always harder on the way back! We treated ourselves later with a meal at a Chinese Restaurant in the centre of Scarborough. Well it’s all part of the training isn’t it?!
You can see the route we took here on the viewranger route that I plotted.
All views are my own and I received no incentive to write this. Want to see more photos of our weekend or have a walk of your own you’d like to tell me about? Then pop over to my​ Facebook page.

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