A stroll amongst the Sculptures


Our family walk this time was to Yorkshire Sculpture Park which is just down the M1 at West Bretton, Wakefield. It was a particularly chilly spring day so we decided for somewhere where we could have an easy walk but close enough that if needed we could make a mad dash home.
I’m still monitoring my poorly IT band in my leg to see what, if anything, is antagonising the pain to the side of my knee. But even on ‘lazy’ days it’s still throbbing and I’ve been working hard on the dreaded physio exercises to try and get rid of it. A gentle walk was in order just to see if it made any difference and the kids needed to get out of the house and get rid of some energy.
We’ve been before to the sculpture park but I was particularly interested to go again and see the KAWS exhibition that they currently have on there. We navigated our way across the park following a map we had picked up at the visitor centre, although there’s no route that you actually have to stick to and it’s not long before you stumble across a sculpture. Some are large and from a distance loom on the landscape but every now and again there’s something hidden or screened by trees. The kids found some naked men sculptures absolutely hilarious, can’t take them anywhere can I!
What I love about the park is that the space is massive and although there were quite a lot of people around it didn’t feel busy and there was plenty of room for the kids just to run. They had races with each other to the next Sculpture and when we reached the KAWS one they loved them. We tried to get them to re-enact some of them with varying results!


​We made our own route down to the Upper lake through a wood with a carpet of bluebells, back round and made a bigger loop to the other end of the park, stopping for the all-important picnic! Using a new app called Viewranger on my phone I was plotting our route and you can see where we went. Just click on view my route’ and you’ll find our route listed there.
It was quite a short walk for us and although we were absolutely freezing we had enjoyed looking at the sculptures. My IT band was neither worse nor better and I’ve come to the conclusion that walking probably isn’t adding to the problem, phew! I’m working on yet another set of new physio exercises in a bid to make the problem better, although I now have pain at my knee, ankle and hip. I’m not giving up though and I might look silly prancing about my living room doing these exercises, but I have to believe that they are going to make me better.
We paid £8 to park at the Sculpture Park all day.
All thoughts are my own and I have received no financial incentive to write this blog.
Do you use a fitness app? Or have a favourite walk to tell me about? Just comment below and tell me about it.
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  1. Great photos! Glad the walk didn’t make you feel worse – I know you have lots of hard work with your physio and I think it’s great you’re incorporating some fun in too. The photo of the kids being ‘sad’ made me smile – those two always have big grins on their faces! Thanks for sharing your day with #YorkshireFamily

  2. It’s a great place for a day out is WYSP, great piece about your day out and some lovely photos. Made me add it to my list of things to do again

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