A short walk at Ladybower reservoir

I’ve been wanting to explore the Peak District for ages, looking at the pictures on social media and reading about the different walks in the area, it sounds like a great place to go.

My virus has been hanging around and after being a sofa sloth for a few days I needed to get some fresh air. I’ve been sent some great walks to try near Ladybower reservoir, but there was no way my lungs, or body for that matter, were in any fit state for that. Instead we set off for a short leg stretch to see what the area was like.

The area was lovely, with paths through the woodland to explore and by the side of the reservoir. We walked for a few hours, the kids enjoying playing in the trees and spotting the birds of prey. We’ll be going back to explore it properly and getting out in that fresh air did make me feel a lot better.

Have you any walk suggestions or family adventures in the Peak District?

I love this photo. On the left hand side stands my Son, not a care in the world dancing or playing a game and enjoying himself.

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