A Potted meat stick, Baildon Moor & Shipley Glen Walk!


Our adventure this week took us Baildon and a walk on Baildon Moor and Shipley Glen. I found the walk on our local Bradford Council website countryside page and the walk itself has been devised by Baildon Walkers are Welcome group.
I’ve passed through Baildon a few times and knew there was a memorial in the centre of a roundabout, I didn’t know that it was locally known as The Potted Meat Stick! The kids thought this was hilarious and were eager to see what this potted meat stick looked like. Our walk started from the car park next to the roundabout, it was easy to find and is a pay and display car park. There was a bit of a market on when we visited and a band playing music. The local pies, pasties and cakes looked amazing. My Son’s eyes were out on stalks and he was desperate to buy a pie with his pocket money! We promised on the way back he could get one, but we would pay.
The instructions for the walk were really detailed and have to be the best instructions we’ve had for a while. A lot of our time spent on some of the walks has been spend deciphering what the instructions mean and comparing them to a map. We confidently strolled up to Baildon Moor, past the golf course, through farm land, over stiles and eventually we were at Shipley Glen. On the way a narrow path leads you through woodland at the side of a farm. It is a little spooky, especially if you’re 5 years old. My Daughter however soon forgot she was scared as she spotted a horse wearing pink shoes. Her two favourite things being pink and horses!
Following our instructions, we headed along the path by the side of the road down to pass Bracken Hall and then a little further was the Shipley Glen tramway. We’ll definitely have to come back and explore. This time we walked above the tramway to make our way into woodland and then onto Baildon Bank with its rocky cliffs. The change in seasons is definitely upon us and we had our first crunching of the leaves underfoot, and startled a squirrel.
My Son loved leaping from rock to rock but at times the path was narrow and didn’t do a lot for my blood pressure! Boys!!! Steep steps at the top of Baildon Bank led us onto a little path that eventually come out on to a little street leading us back to Baildon centre.
My Son was now on a mission to buy pies but wait…. oh no! The little market had packed up and gone and there wasn’t a pie to be seen.
We really enjoyed our walk and it was refreshing to have such good instructions. Why not check out your local council’s website and see if they have a countryside section with walk suggestions.
All views are my own and I have received no incentive to write this blog post. Have you a walk suggestion for me? Pop over and say hi on my Facebook page.


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  1. I live quite near here, but I’ve never heard of the Potted Meat Stick before! What a funny name, and I’m not surprised that the kids thought it was a funny name. I love a good walk. #whatevertheweather

  2. I havent done anything like this yet! Sounds like fun finding your way and I might check out if we have something like this here =) #whatevertheweather

    1. Thanks for stopping by, exploring your local area is fun and you never know what local secret you might find!

  3. The potted meat stick?. I can understand how that would be memorable. Are you planning a trip back so your son can get his pie:)? #whatevertheweather

  4. Looks like another lovely walk. Such a good tip to check your council’s website for walks-I know I’ve done this in the past as mine produces some fab leaflets. Sorry your son missed out on his pie!

  5. Aww, sorry your son missed his pie, hopefully he can go back another day! The walk looks lovely and great that it was on your council website too, I haven’t checked ours for walks before, will have to have a look! Thanks for linking up to #Whatevertheweather 🙂 x

    1. Thank you for reading. I’m going to see if nearby councils have any walk sections too. I love a free resource! x

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