A breath of fresh air

I’m not going to actually mention the dreaded word that has been on everyone’s lips. I’m anxious at the best of times and escaped to the Yorkshire Dales at the weekend to the kid’s favourite place, Malham. We mixed things up by doing our usual walk backwards and then had a treat in the pub afterwards. It was exactly what I needed.


If you need ideas to get the kids outside, then here are a few. Bearing in mind the social distancing advice of course.

The National Trust have announced that whilst their cafes etc might be closed their parks are open with no parking charges. Just check before you set off that the site you want to visit is open as things are changing day by day. We’ve had some great days out at National Trust sites including Nostell Priory, Mam Tor and Beningbrough Hall.

Hip2trek negotiating stepping stones

My kids like something to look at or find on a walk, we find they are also more enthusiastic if they choose where we go. We had a great time in the Peak District on a walk they chose with stepping stones and a gorge on our Chee Day Walk.

A walk in the woods is fantastic for your wellbeing. You don’t have to hug a tree (although it’s recommended!) but there’s something magical about walking in woodland or in a forest. Take lung full’s of lovely fresh air, spot birds, do tree rubbings, leaf art and look out for any minibeasts. When you get home if the kids are big enough draw a picture of your day or write a story about it. Whilst we’re out walking, we make up stories as we walk along or sing silly songs.

Here are some of our favourite woodland walks

Dad and kids stand back to camera at river edge

Hackfall Woods

Gisburn Forest

Middleton Woods


Can’t get out into the countryside? Just ten minutes outside can be beneficial. I’ve seen a local initiative that is encouraging people to put rainbows pictures in their windows, so children having a quick fresh air break have something to spot on their walk around. How many can you spot? Garden games, bird spotting or making a mini beast hotel are all things you can do from your garden too.


Stay safe guys, take the advice being given about distancing etc, as always, much love from


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